Order times:
We roast Monday - Friday, and for same-day processing, our order times are 8.30 am for Sweetshop and Single Origins and noon for Red Brick, The Filter Blend and Decaf.

What delivery services do you use?
We partner with DPD for UK deliveries & DHL for international deliveries.

Can I get a Same Day Delivery?
We can achieve Same Day Deliveries within London. Please get in touch for a quote.

Can I arrange my own courier/shipping?
Thank you for offering, we have plenty of experience shipping with DHL, and for efficient and smooth delivery of your order, we'll handle the shipping process.

Can I collect my order?
Collections can be arranged by emailing orders@squaremilecoffee.com or calling the office.


How much does barista training cost?
We offer complimentary barista training for all wholesale customers.

Where does your training take place?
We host all training sessions in our dedicated space from the roastery in North London.

How many baristas can I book training for in one session?
To give each attendee time to get hands-on experience with our equipment and ask questions, we find that hosting 2 - 4 baristas per session is ideal.

Which training session should I book?
We offer varying levels of training, so there is always something to learn. Have a look at our booking page to find the right training session for you.

I can't find the training session / topic I want (my baristas) to cover, can I request specific topics?
If you can't find the training session that best suits you, we would be happy to create a bespoke session for you and your baristas. Get in touch with your specific topics and we'll create a plan.

Could you come to my cafe to do the training?
Training is much more effective when attended in a dedicated and distraction-free space, such as our roastery training space. Also, we provide the coffee, milk and do the washing up!

Do you offer training with non-dairy milks?
We do! We always have a supply of oat milk in our training space to practice steaming and to drink.

Do you offer training on the weekends?
Our training sessions are available on weekdays only.

Can you teach me how to clean and maintain my equipment?
Of course! We encourage cafe owners and baristas to come along to one of our maintenance sessions to learn how best to care for your espresso machine and grinders.

Do you offer online training?
We have a whole host of online videos, covering a lot of the topics we teach in our training sessions. Get in touch with the training team or your account manager to find out more.


How often should I replace my burrs?
We recommend replacing espresso burrs once 1000kg of coffee has been ground through them. A sensory indicator may be that you notice tastes associated with over-extraction at your usual recipe.

How often should I replace my water filter?
Each filter cartridge has a maximum filtering capacity which can vary depending on the size and manufacturer. If installed, an in-line flowmeter should tell you how much filtering capacity is remaining. If one is not installed, further testing is necessary. All cartridges must be replaced after 12 months of being installed regardless of the remaining capacity.

How often should I replace my grouphead gasket and shower screens?
These parts are replaced as standard during a preventative service. If the shower screens look damaged or the portafilter has to be overly tightened in the grouphead to prevent leaks during brewing, they can easily be replaced by a barista.

How often should I clean my espresso machine?
To ensure great tasting espresso and a healthy espresso machine, we recommend a daily, end of service backflushing procedure with detergent.

How often should I have my espresso machine serviced?
We advise a preventative maintenance service every 6 months to reduce the likelihood of a machine breakdown. Check out of Servicing Subscriptions for more information.

What should I do if I have a problem with one of my machines?
Give us a call to speak directly to one of our engineers or email machinery@squaremilecoffee.com.

What should I do if I have a problem with one of my machines on the weekend?
If you have an issue but can still make coffee, leave a message or email the details to machinery@squaremilecoffee.com and one of our engineers will contact you as soon as we are back in the office. If the problem means you cannot make coffee, call one of our trusted third party engineers - vamachinery.com/engineers.

How often should I deep clean my grinder?
We recommend performing a deep clean of your grinder on a weekly basis and more frequently in cafes serving +300 coffees per day.

Can you teach me how to clean and maintain my equipment?
Of course! We encourage cafe owners and baristas to come along to one of our maintenance sessions to learn how you can care for your espresso machine and grinders.

I'm looking to buy a new espresso machine, do you supply them?
We work with Victoria Arduino and Synesso for espresso machine supply. We can help you every step of the way - from choosing the best machine for you, to teaching you everything about that machine once installed. For enquiries, contact us at machinery@squaremilecoffee.com

    For the safety and well-being of our team, we are taking the following Covid-19 measures, in order to keep your cups full and the coffee flowing.

    Our team:
    Currently, our essential team members are working onsite. The rest of our team work on a hybrid model.

    We strictly adhere to the government recommendations of wearing facemasks and hand sanitising when using public transport.

    Facemasks, sanitising equipment and Covid-19 lateral flow test kits are readily available to all team members.

    Social distancing:
    We have implemented a fresh air delivery system to keep good air ventilation around our work stations.

    Gatherings between team members are now permitted.

    Strict sanitising policy:
    Notifications are placed throughout the building to remind team members to wash and/or sanitise their hands upon arrival, between tasks and at regular intervals throughout the day.

    All shared equipment is cleaned, wiped down and sanitised both before and after use.

    Visitor Protocol:
    Visitors who have booked in advance are allowed onto the premises.

    Supply deliveries, and postal and courier collections are integral to our day-to-day business, in which case service providers are required to stay within the designated arrival and collection areas that have been established.

    COVID-19 Risk assessment:
    Risk assessment is carried out on a monthly basis. This includes:

    Regular team assessment and isolation of suspected exposure or symptoms.
    Constantly monitoring systems and protocol to ensure relevance and efficacy.
    Cleaning checks and measures to ensure the highest level of hygiene is maintained throughout the roastery.