Cupping spoon

Cupping spoon - 1
Cupping spoon - 1

Featuring the griffin logo engraved on the handle, our hand-finished cupping spoon is produced in Sheffield by W.Wright Silverware. 

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1. Weigh out 12g medium-grind samples of each coffee into bowls. It can be nice at this stage to evaluate the aromas of the dry grounds.

2. Add 200g of filtered, low mineral water to each bowl and allow to steep for four minutes. The water should be as close to 95ºC as possible.

3. When ready, bring your nose to the bowl and use a cupping spoon to stir the crust three times. This allows the grounds to sink. Afterwards, clean any remaining floating particles off the surface with a spoon.

4. Allows the cups to cool a little before tasting using a cupping spoon.