ZeroWater Jug

ZeroWater Jug - 1 ZeroWater Jug - 2 ZeroWater Jug - 3
ZeroWater Jug - 1 ZeroWater Jug - 2 ZeroWater Jug - 3

With water sitting at the heart of brewing, The ZeroWater Jug offers a quick and easy way to achieve great-tasting coffee consistently in just two steps. Available in a 7 cup/1.7L capacity, the ZeroWater filtration system combines five technologies to dissolve all solids from your water in minutes.

Once you've purified your water through the Zero water jug, use the Lotus Water Drops or Third Wave Mineral sachets to adjust the mineral content of your water to enhance the clarity in your cup and the flavour of your beans. If you run out of water drops or mineral sachets, simply add tap water into your Zero filtered water until the accompanying TDS metre reads 100.

The result? Great water for delicious brews on tap.

Time for new filters? We have them available in a 4-pack here.


7-Cup Ready-Pour™ jug
ZeroWater Ion Exchange water filter
Water quality meter that provides a digital measurement of dissolved solids in your water (TDS)


Fridge friendly design
Sealed lid and reservoir
Easy pour